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Welcome to LincsTowbars 

Our business is well established as the premier suppliers for towbars from Witter, Westfalia or Towtrust. Our North Lincolnshire operation is centred between Scunthorpe,  Lincoln, Grimsby, Brigg and Doncaster and has served  North Lincolnshire area for the last 30 years. Our Yorkshire workshop is centred between Howden, York, Selby, Goole, Pocklington, and Market Weighton. We offer both a mobile and workshop based fitting service.

Towbar suppliers fitting workshop
Fully fitted handsfree car kits in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire - CK3100 pictured
Parrot Handsfree
**Certfied installer - CK3100 kit fitted for £199**

discount trailers lincolnshire
Rear Parking Sensors  Fitted from £199

LincsTowbars fully fitted tow bar range

Towbars to Trust
All of our towbars are fitted by qualified vehicle technicians and thoroughly tested upon completion. We can deal with all makes & models and offer the BEST local price. Find any** like for like deal & we'll beat it**. We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction and rank highly as Lincolnshire's and Yorkshire's towbar choice. OEM dedicated electrical connections and wiring fitted when required and all neccessary re-coding is performed by ourselves using dealer level diagnostic equipment.

We supply and fit many different makes of towbar including Witter, Towtrust and Westfalia. With years of experience behind us - we offer a while you wait service, with many towbars being fitted in less than one hour. We stock fixed, detachables and pinball coupling balls. .

Mobile phone car kits fitted

HandsFree **THE LAW**
From December 1st 2003 it became illegal to talk on a mobile phone whilst driving. This includes having the phone in your lap on loudspeaker or cradled in your neck. Having a car kit fitted means you comply and continue to drive safely.

Recent Customer reviews

💬"Excellent service,you came when you said and work done quickly and fuss free" Mrs

 S. York
"Best price and best service I could find"  Mr M. Selby

Latest Towbar Releases and News

News from Witter

Renault Kadjar 2015

Towbar Details

All four Towbar variants are available, Fixed flange, Fixed Swan, Detachable Swan and Detachable flange for the brand new Kadjar:  The Kadjar has a maximum towing capacity of 1800kg and a nose load of 75kg. The towbar should take approx. 60 minutes to install.

As of 25 May 2016

Vehicle diagnostic expertise in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire

Vehicle Diagnostics
Our chief technician, is one of Lincolnshire’s leading vehicle diagnostic experts. With over 35 years industry experience he is renowned in the motor industry for his unrivalled expertise and knowledge.  Pico, Launch & Rosstech Vag-Com are used as part of our specialist diagnostic equipment.

He is recognised by the Institute of the motor industry (IMI), as an Advanced Automotive Engineer (AAE) and was elected fellow in 1996 (FIMI).
We run a fully equiped diagnostic bay and our services range
from serial data analysis testing, oscilloscope testing and comprehensive
component testing, measurement and analysis - available on an appointment only basis. We cater for the general public and local garages across
Lincolnshire. We are happy to take on jobs that other garages have
failed to fix. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Hands Free Mobile Kits Fitted Scunthorpe

Hands Free car kits fitted in Lincolnshire
HandsFree mobile phone equipment
Fixed hands-free mobile phone car kits are an ideal option that meet all legal requirements.The car kit is permanently wired to the vehicle along with speakers and a microphone. View the complete Parrot product range here.

Bluetooth® hands-free systems and kits

With the Asteroid Mini, Smart And Tablet or the MKi9200,MKi9100, MKi900
or the CK3100

Parrot, a global leader in wireless devices for mobile phones, stands on

the cutting edge of innovation since 1994 and have determination to
drive the inevitable breakthrough of mobile phones into everyday life by
creating high-quality, user-friendly wireless devices for easy living.
Parrot has developed the most extensive range of hands-free systems on
the market for cars. Its globally recognised expertise in the fields of
mobile connectivity and multimedia around Smartphones has positioned
Parrot as a key player of in-car infotainment

front and rear parking sensors and reversing cameras fiited in Lincolnshire

Parking Systems
Superb parking system ranging from 2 to 6 discreet sensor devices which are fitted in to the vehicle bumper and are automatically operated when reverse gear is selected. A small interior speaker indicates how close you are to an object or objects via a series of audible tones.Systems including front and rear sensors and park assist cameras are all fitted in house by our own technicians.

"Let us look out for you"

LincsTowbar's parking systems are expertly fitted and setup. You can rest assured that with the smallest sensors on the market combined with flexible mounting options and even speed dependant front and rear systems combined, you'll be in safe hands with all of your parking manoeuvres.

Towing a trailer or caravan  with a car, driving licence rules - what you may tow.

If you passed your car driving test from 19 Jan 2013, you may tow a small trailer weighing no more than 750kg or a small trailer over 750kg with brakes, as long as the MAM of the car and trailer is no more than 3500kg.

If you passed your car driving test between 1 Jan 1997 and 18 Jan 2013, you may drive a car or van up to 3500kg MAM towing a trailer up to 750kg MAM. To tow a trailer over 750KG the combined MAM of the trailer and towing vehicle must be no more than 3500kg MAM.

If you passed yor test before 1 Jan 1997 you are usually allowed to drive a car and trailer combination up to 8250kg MAM.

You must not exceed the maximum towing weight of the towing vehicle. 

MAM is the limit the vehicle can weigh when  it is loaded.  For up to date information

Trailer Maximum Weights and Dimensions:-

Unbraked trailers = max. 750kg gross trailer weight or half the towing vehicle's kerb weight depending on whichever is the less
Braked trailers on overrun brakes = max. 3500kg gross trailer weight.
Towing vehicle under 3500kg gross vehicle weight-
Length excluding coupling & drawbar = 7 metres
Width = 2.3 metres
Towing Vehicle 0ver 3500kg gross vehicle weight-
Length excluding coupling & drawbar = 12metres (trailer must have at least 4 wheels)
Width = 2.55 metres
Length of towing vehicle & trailer combined = 18metres


GPS vehicle and caravan systems fiited in Lincolnshire

GPS Tracking
Our GPS vehicle tracking installations perfect for all types of automotive use. From one vehicle to a fleet, if you want to know where your car, van, truck or motorcycle is at any time, day or night, our systems have the answer. Our devices can be portable or hard wired, allowing use either within a caravan or trailer for instance.

eMOT - great prices from a trusted non-repairing MOT testing station in Scunthorpe MOT service from Emot
We are an independent test station so you can rest assured that we won't be 'creating' expensive repair work that isn't necessary, unlike some of our competitors! We have been testing vehicles for over 30 years for valued customers throughout North Lincolnshire, Scunthorpe, Brigg, Grimsby, Market Rasen and Lincoln and are now the number one local choice. Friendly, efficient service and a welcoming reception is provided for your comfort whilst we carry out while-u-wait MOTs. Book online with ease and the further ahead you book, the less you'll pay! Be organised and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE.

But - if you need a test in a hurry, we can help - visit our dedicated MOT website HERE and to find out where we are click HERE.

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